Ever stumble into an old friend on the street, just when you were thinking of them? Say the same words at the same time as your bestie? Hear a song on the radio that gives you the answer to a question you haven’t even asked? Me too!

Every single “coincidence” is a sign, a message meant just for you. Truth is, there are no accidents in the universe – only synchronicity, and everything happens for a reason.

And speaking of synchronicities…

you were brought here for a reason.

Guided by the Angels, in their infinite love and wisdom. Protecting, helping and supporting you in your journey, so you can live your fullest, happiest life possible.


You’re in exactly the right place


Still not sure? Let’s talk it out. Do you ever feel:

  • A need for more positivity and light in your life

  • Like you’re on a bumpy stretch of road looking for the right turn

  • A gnawing, restless ache for more meaning in your every day

  • A tickle deep inside that awesome things are out there waiting for you – if you could only find them

  • A knowledge that a higher power is cheering you on

  • Guided by something so much bigger than yourself

If you answered yes to any of the above, I’m patting the seat next to me. You’re right where you’re supposed to be.


Hi, I’m Hope Lux.

…and I’m a total word-y.

Words, books, language – they’ve always been a big part of my life. For about three decades, I’ve worked as a professional writer. Reporter, copywriter, creative director, author. I’ve worn many hats and I’ve had lots of fun along the way. I love words. The snap, the pop of picking just the right ones. The rhythm and musicality of a phrase. And how words can rock you so, so deeply in your soul.

There’s more to my backstory.

As a child, I knew I was different. I could feel it in ways that were imperceptible to others. I was acutely aware that I wasn’t alone. I could feel a light around me; its presence was palpable.

Writing became my conduit for communicating with the Angels. For years, I’ve been receiving channeled angelic messages through pen and paper. It was me, a cup of tea, my notebook and my Angels. Fast-forward. I was guided to turn my craft into my calling. The Angel Writer was born to share the Angels’ love and guidance so you can find your own personal happy.

The Angels in my life.

Like many, I’ve felt loss…and lost. Chronic illness. Death. Happy relationships minus the happy. The works. And the Angels were there. With me. By me. For me.

With their guidance, I’ve discovered all-new levels of happy. I wake each day feeling lighter and brighter. And not in that rainbow, unicorn-y kind of way. I’m just happy. Simply, genuinely, unconditionally happy. And you can be, too. One of the most valuable teachings that helped me get there: life doesn’t have to be perfect to be positive.


happiness is your divine right


And that’s what I want to share with you.

We’re meant to be happy. That’s what the Angels – and the universe! – want for all of us. But sometimes life flips the script and we need a little help…or a little reminder. Luckily, our Angels are always waiting in the wings to lend a hand. You just need to call on them.

That’s where The Angel Writer comes in. Through meditation, manifestation and channeled Angel messages, you can bring more Angel joy, love and laughter into your life every single day.

And here’s a lil’ something more – something the Angels want you to know. They have big dreams for you, too. What do they hope? For you to live your most awesome, lit-up life you could ever possibly imagine. ❤

With lots of love and light,